November 12, 2018
by Lisa Thornell

Human Library 2018 Recap

The third annual Human Library was a huge success, with 400 attendees, or "readers". The readers waited on line, sometimes waiting 30 minutes, to "check out" a "human book" to speak with. There were 35 books (students, faculty , staff and alumni) that volunteered to share their unique story that could challenge stereotypes through open dialogue with the Fairfield University community.

Each of the books self-titled their story and crafted a brief description. Check out some of the book's stories and more information about the Human Library:

Many thanks to the student newspaper, The Mirror, for promoting the event:

The Human Library™ is an international movement that started in Denmark in the year 2000 and has since made its way through over 30 countries. Human Library at Fairfield University was created with the permission of the Human Library Organization.

Fairfield University's Human Library was co-sponsored by DiMenna-Nyselius Library, the Office of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, Center for Faith and Public Life, College of Arts and Sciences, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Office of Student Engagement, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who made the event possible, and of course to the brave faces of the event, the human books themselves.


October 29, 2018
by Lisa Thornell

New Exhibits on the Lower Level

Check out two new exhibits on the lower level of the library:

Armistice Day Centenary (1918-2018)

This exhibition recognizes the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the signing of a treaty that brought an end to the First World War.  Featuring original posters, militaria, documents, and soldier’s letters from the Special Collections of the Fairfield University Libraries, this exhibit highlights how World War I contributed to the story of American life during the early 1900's.  The exhibit is located on the lower level and lobby and runs from September 30 – December 21, 2018.


The Refugee Crisis: Through the Eyes of Children

On loan from Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles, this photo exhibit depicts children and families seeking refuge in Greece from war-torn Syria and hopes to put a human face on this unprecedented exodus. Robin and Robert Jones photographs and narrative tell a compelling story of families fleeing from cities and towns where they feared for their lives. This traveling exhibit is co-sponsored by JUHAN and Center for Faith & Public Life, and the DiMenna-Nyselius Library.  The exhibit is located on the lower level and runs from October 29 – November 25, 2018.



October 24, 2018
by Mat Blaine
Comments Off on Open Access Week 2018: How Can Fairfield U Faculty Promote Open Access?

Open Access Week 2018: How Can Fairfield U Faculty Promote Open Access?

Monday, October 22nd marked the beginning of International Open Access Week, an initiative organized by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) to increase the awareness of the benefits that open access materials and resources offer the academic and research community. As directed, we're spending this week reflecting on our practices here as part of this community, both at on and off campus. Longtime fans of the Library will remember our Open Educational Resources (OER) workshop back in October 2015 when we welcomed SPARC's Director of Open Education, Nicole Allen and several of our colleagues from across Connecticut to present and lead discussions on OER topics like the rising cost of textbooks, research paywalls, and publishing restrictions, among others.

Let's rekindle the passion we felt after hearing those testimonies to the benefits of OER and explore a few ways that we can support open access.

Submit your research articles to Open Access journals

It shouldn't be a surprise that articles in OA journals are seen by a broader audience since they are not blocked by a paywall. This leads to increased citation and usage as well as an overall greater engagement between your work and both the public and academic communities. Moreover, OA journals are proven to have a faster impact on the research community.

Use the Directory of Open Access Journals to find those available in your field.

Deposit your research in our Digital Commons

DigitalCommons@Fairfield makes the scholarship of Fairfield University easily available in one location online, enabling increased access to colleagues (both at Fairfield and beyond), students, and the greater internet community.  Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in common internet search engines as well as other academic search portals.  This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work.

In addition, because a permanent URL is established, researchers can cite these works without the normal concerns regarding content online disappearing or moving.  DigitalCommons@Fairfield is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of Fairfield University to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Connecticut, but throughout the country and beyond.

Consider using Open Textbooks in your classes

One of the most publicly discussed issues relevant to OA/OER is the affordability, or lack thereof, of textbooks. Perhaps you have even noticed manifestations of this issue in your own classes- like students buying older editions or even worse, not buying one at all and depending on the kindness of their classmates to lend them their copy. So, while there might be no way around the necessity of a certain textbook, it is worth considering using one of the many Open Textbooks, compliant with OA/OER, as an alternative.

Visit the Open Textbook Hub to see if there are any options to use in your classes.

Take advantage of the Library's resources & services

Another way to ease the economic strain on your students is to utilize the collections, resources, and services that we have in the Library. As you're designing your syllabi, consider looking through our catalog to see if any of the materials you plan on using are available here. You can easily embed permalinks to e-books and articles in Blackboard and put physical items on Reserve for your students to access in the Library. Speaking of Course Reserves, we welcome personal copies of textbooks, books, articles, & media being placed on reserve- a gesture that significantly helps encourage your students' success and limits their financial stress.

Discover more ways that you can help promote OA

SPARC's Director of OER, Nicole Allen's presentation on the textbook crisis


October 3, 2018
by Lilah Heyman
Comments Off on LGBT History Month

     Celebrate LGBT History with the DNL! LGBT History Month takes place in October, and commemorates LGBT history and the fight for LGBT rights. One major landmark in LGBT history is the Stonewall Riots that took place in Manhattan in June 1969. When police raided a gay bar, Stonewall Inn, the LGBT community resisted arrests, and held protests for four nights.These riots marked the start of the LGBT rights movement, which has continued to fight for equal rights even today. In honor of this month, here are some quotes from famous LGBT authors.


“When we define ourselves, when I define myself, the place in which I am like you and the place in which I am not like you, I'm not excluding you from the joining - I'm broadening the joining.”

       - Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches, 1984


"Full citizenship was, and to a large degree still is, predicated on keeping 'unacceptable' behavior private. This complicated relationship between the public and private is at the heart of LGBT history and life today."

       - Michael Bronski, A Queer History of the United States, 2011


"Two women in love confirms for me that there is a love that can push you beyond what everyone else says is possible.”

       - Daisy Hernandez, A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir, 2014


"Lay your sleeping head, my love,

Human on my faithless arm;

Time and fevers burn away

Individual beauty from

Thoughtful children, and the grave

Proves the child ephemeral:

But in my arms till break of day

Let the living creature lie,

Mortal, guilty, but to me

The entirely beautiful."

       - W. H. Auden, “Lullaby”, 1940


Check out the display on the main level to find these works and more!



September 28, 2018
by Lisa Thornell
Comments Off on First-Year Students Played to Learn

First-Year Students Played to Learn

385 students played the Game of Life: DiMenna-Nyselius Edition during the first two weeks of the fall semester to learn about library spaces and services. This self-guided tour could be played individually or with groups of friends by picking up a game board at the circulation desk and using a smart phone to navigate all three floors of the library.  FYE CONNECT credit was awarded to all players and the following students won prizes:

  • Peter G. (bag of Fairfield University gear)
  • Joe R. (ladder ball set)
  • Corinne C. (salt lamp)
  • Maura M. (decorative string lights)
  • Mark A. (ping pong game)
  • Molly Q. (external charger)
  • Cassidy R. (pop socket)
  • Charlotte K. (pop socket)
  • Madeline D. (mini portable fan)
  • Lauren N.   (beach chair)
  • Madison M. (smart phone photo printer)
  • Tamara P. ($50 StagBucks)

Thank you to the EN11 instructors who encouraged students to play the game and to the Office of Student Engagement for sponsoring the prizes.