July 24, 2017
by Riham Majeed

July 24th: Amelia Earhart Day!

Today, July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day.

The first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart set incredible feats as an aviator. Of the countless record-breaking flights she navigated, she set the highest Women’s World Altitude record in 1922,  was the first person to fly the Atlantic twice in 1932, and was the first person to fly solo between Honolulu Hawaii and Oakland California in 1935. She was critical to the formation of the Ninety-Nines, an international organization for female pilots.



Check out the New York Times Historical database through access to the DNL for more newsworthy accomplishments she set!

You can watch the A&E film Amelia Earhart:Queen of the Air here.

Check out her print book Last Flight, originally released in 1937; this book was compiled after her disappearance by her husband George Palmer Putnam from her letters, diary entries, notes and pilot's logbook.


July 12, 2017
by Lisa Thornell

The Afterlife of a DNL Dust Jacket

Every time the library adds a new physical book  to the collection, the dust jacket (also called a book jacket, dust wrapper, or dust cover) is removed. This is a standard practice at many academic libraries.  So, what happens to the dust jacket? Many libraries discard or recycle them in the trash. Not the DiMenna-Nyselius Library.

For the past year library catalogers have been accumulating the dust jackets and contacting Professor Jo Yarrington, Professor of Visual & Performing Arts at Fairfield University. Professor Yarrington ships the packed box of dust jackets (or several boxes) to an artist in St. Louis, MO, who incorporates them into his work. The artist is Buzz Spector.

According to the artist's bio, Buzz Spector's work "makes frequent use of the book, both as subject and object, and is concerned with relationships between public history, individual memory, and perception". Spector's artwork has been shown in such museums as the Art Institute of Chicago, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

Writers as others 2, 2014, collaged dust jacket elements on handmade paper, 8.5 x 8.5 inches. Image from Marsha Mateyka Gallery.

You might ask, what is so fascinating about a dust jacket? In a 2015 lecture entitled "Dust Jacket Expressionism" at Mount St. Mary's University Spector highlighted their aesthetic value and argued that the dust jacket is one of the most crucial parts of selling and marketing the book. The cover, to the plot blurb, author’s biography and picture must be presented in a way that attracts readers and persuades them to purchase the book. Some of these elements might be cut and arranged into collages, or text placement could turn into an original piece of poetry. Spector stated “I’m destroying the book in the course of making my work, and proposing that the artifact has value of a different order than the value of the writing.”

The DiMenna-Nyselius Library is not the only library providing dust jackets. Buzz Spector's network of libraries is vast which means he has a wide range of materials to work with.

Students in Professor Yarrington's SA 136: Investigating Text & Image classes gather inspiration from Spector and other artists such as Doug Beube and Brian Dettmer to create their own book works. The students are often told about the dust jacket recycling efforts (the library and faculty member as collaborator with the art world), which surprises and intrigues them.

About the Author 4, 2016
collaged dust jacket elements
on handmade paper,
8.5" x 8.5". Image from Zolla/Liberman Gallery

Tower, 2016
collaged dust jacket elements
on handmade paper with acrylic,
52" x 38". Image from Zolla/Liberman Gallery



June 28, 2017
by Lisa Thornell
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Welcoming New Stags to the Library

On June 21st and June 27th the DiMenna-Nyselius Library welcomed the class of 2021 with open arms...and lemonade. While students waited to register for classes they congregated outside of the Library and visited the "Library Lemonade Stand" under the tent on the lawn. Besides getting a cup of free refreshing lemonade students could pick up the latest library designed buttons and chat with friendly staff about library services. Check out proof of all the fun below.

In addition to the library lawn presence, families could learn more by visiting the Information Fair at the RecPlex. There was information about databases, group study rooms, the writing center, interlibrary loan, library hours, 24/7 research help and more. The Personal Librarian Program was also promoted. Each first-year student is automatically paired with a personal research librarian to introduce them library services and collections. Students are contacted 8-10 times within their first year with research tips and encouraged to schedule a meeting or reach out for help.

New stags (and parents) signed up to follow the library on Facebook, or Instagram & Twitter for a chance to win StagBucks. Winner to be contacted on June 29th.  Follow @FairfieldULib for news about upcoming events and library happenings.

These new Stags were thirsty for library knowledge

Stags on the library steps

Lucas loving the lemonade

Info Fair table with info about the Personal Librarian Program

3 button designs. The yellow one says "Research is Refreshing"!

Library student worker, Marcia, at the stand

Library student worker, Lea, welcoming Stags

Lemonade bringing new friends together

Librarian at the lemonade stand

Cool drinks with cool Stags

Orientation games

Be a Smartie. Learn about the Library!

Signing up for social media @fairfieldulib

Lucas, the Fairfield University mascot




June 23, 2017
by Jackie
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DNL Librarians Share Work Designing Learning Program

Jeremiah Mercurio and Barbara Ghilardi at CT Information Literacy Conference

Librarians Barbara Ghilardi and Jeremiah Mercurio presented at at the 2017 Connecticut Information Literacy Conference The IL Connection: From How We Learn to Now We Learn in June, 2017.

Their presentation, developed with librarian Matt Bernstein, was entitled Building & Evaluating 21st Century Learning: ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy as a Tool for Enhancing Assessment.  The presentation focused on the process instruction librarians at Fairfield University went through in redesigning the Library's Information Literacy program.  The goal of the redesign was to incorporate learning activities that appeal to first-year students and to determine how ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy could help develop new learning outcomes that better fit 21st-century learners.  Armed with two years of assessment data, these librarians demonstrated what their students are learning and the challenges associated with assessing Framework-based outcomes in the one-shot model, with strategies for revising the program moving forward.

To learn more about DiMenna-Nyselius Library's Instruction program, go to https://www.fairfield.edu/library/services/instruction/



June 19, 2017
by Riham Majeed
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Pride Month at DNL

New initiatives like More Color More Pride have been making efforts to be inclusive within the LGBTQ+ community. Pictured above is a Pride flag with two new colors, recognizing people of color.

In celebration of Pride Month, the DiMenna-Nyselius Library is highlighting the LGBTQ+ authors, artists and musicians in our collection. Visit our display on the main level to check out a few works by LGBTQ+ creatives from our catalog.

Here are just a few featured:

Audre Lorde- Sister Outsider- This collection of fifteen essays bring light to Lorde’s intellectual and philosophical concerns about marginalized women, creating a dialogue on race, sex and economic status.

Radclyffe Hall- The Well of Loneliness- This honest portrayal of lesbian love almost ruined Hall’s literary career, but now stands as an LGBTQ classic.

Shelley Rice and Lynn Gumpert- Inverted Odysseys- Discover the way Claude Cahun, an openly gender non-conforming photographer, operated in 19th century France as she redefined gender identity.

Against Me!- Transgender Dysphoria Blues-, Against Me!’s record explores the self-discovery of the bands journey through the DIY music industry, as well as trans vocalist Laura Jane Grace’s identity.