4 Ways to Enjoy Summer

As we hit the midway point of summer, here are four tips to get the most out of your break:

1. Stay Informed8362179424_bd4ccb9962_z
Finally, it’s summer! Time to hit the beach,  party, and—maybe the best part—sleep in! It’s true that summer is the time to enjoy yourself, but don’t let school become a distant memory. Taking care of obligations like tuition, school paperwork, and course registration are vital. The best way to stay on your prepared-student game is to check your school email often. That way, you will be updated on financial aid, registration, and messages from your future professors for fall ’14. Follow the Library news on  social_facebook social_twitter

2. Be Active     
Wherever you live, the weather is probably thePuma_shoes best it will be for the whole year, so enjoy it while it lasts! Get active by taking up a new sport (why not try Starting Yoga : A Practical Foundation Guide for Men and Women ebook), or use a sport you already know as a way to reconnect with old friends. Meanwhile, Fairfield’s campus is as beautiful as ever in the summer, and the perfect place to get some fresh air if you’re in the area. Whether you are tearing up the tennis courts, playing in the pool, or simply taking a walk outside, the summer is the time to get active!

3. Readverano-desconexion-total-01
This is a library blog, after all! Be sure to check out our summer reading lists on the following links: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Young Adult. Even if reading is not your “thing,” make it a goal to read at least a few books this summer. You’ll be happy you did.

4. Seize the Day
The Latin phrase, “Carpe Diem,” applies especially Carpe-Diemfor college students during the summer. One day, when you graduate and have a job, summer breaks will sadly be a thing of the past. Don’t sweat the future too much, but do try to make the most of each day. Explore James Allen's book Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success.  Have fun, be open to new things, and learn.

The Library looks forward to seeing you next Fall!