50 Best Websites of 2007

Can you imagine your world without the Internet? We can't!

From shopping, to music, to travel, to research- so much has changed about how we navigate through our daily lives. As we end the year, take a look at Time's list of the best websites of 2007.

We especially recommend:

  1. NowPublic.com- a "crowd powered media". Check out this citizen journalism site with over 132,000 contributors.
  2. For all you foodies out there, we recommend Chow.com where you can watch videos, read blogs and grab recipes for the holidays and all year long.
  3. Last.fm--an online radio station based on the "if you like X then you will also like Y" principle.
  4. Odeo.com--Thousands of podcasts, Mp3 files, and audio channels--all for free!

From all of us at DiMenna-Nyselius Library, we wish you a happy 2008!