7 Days, 7 Pages in Honor of Pope Francis’ visit

Creation, Donald Jackson, Copyright 2003
Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, and continuing each day of Pope Francis’ historic visit to America, DiMenna-Nyselius Library will join more than 50 institutions across North America in turning the same page of The Saint John’s Bible. This simple act will be symbol of seven days of Christian solidarity as the American people welcome the Holy Father.

The library holds the magnificent St. John’s Bible and we were the first academic library in New England to acquire the set. For the next week The St. John's Bible will be displayed in the main atrium of the Library.




Here is the seven-day, page-turning schedule:

  • Monday, September 21   Creation (Penateuch volume – Genesis 11-2:4a)
  • Tuesday, September 22 Abraham and Sarah  (Penateuch volume – Genesis 15:1-7 and 17:1-22)
  • Wednesday, September 23 Ten Commandments  (Penateuch volume – Exodus 20:1-26)
  • Thursday, September 24 Peter’s Confession (Gospels & Acts volume – Matthew 16:13-23)
  • Friday, September 25   Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes (Gospels & Acts volume – Mark 6:33-44, 8:1-10)
  • Saturday, September 26 Two Cures (Gospels & Acts volume – Mark 5:25-43)
  • Sunday, September 27   Pentecost (Gospels & Acts volume – Acts 1:6-11, 2:1-47)