Plains Indians Ledger Drawings on Artstor

Check out the library database, Artstor, to see examples of Ledger drawings now featured at the Fairfield University Art Museum’s exhibit “Picturing History: Ledger Drawings of the Plains Indians”. Artstor is a digital library that includes over 2 million images for scholarly and educational needs. See examples of some Ledger drawings we found below!

“Picturing History: Ledger Drawings of the Plains Indians” features a collection of drawings chronicling battles, rituals and events of everyday life from artists from the Plains Indian peoples (Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho and others dwelling in the Western United States and Canada). These drawings, known as Ledger Drawings, are striking images done with ink, graphite, and pencil and watercolor.  Following a long tradition of picture narratives, these drawn stories range from flat, stylized forms to lyrical, rhythmic movement. For more info visit the Fairfield University Art Museum website.

Ledger-book drawing of an Osage village receiving southern Cheyenne visitors at right: by Howling Wolf

Ledger-book drawing of a visit by a white party of traders to a Cheyenne tipi encampment: by Howling Wolf

Ledger-book drawing of men and women pursuing mule deer on horseback: by Howling Wolf

Hand painted photograph of Fort Reno Scout drawing of courting scene, with man wrapping woman in blanket and holding horse's reins

Anonymous drawing, probably Lakota or Cheyenne, of warfare scene, with warrior identified by name glyph with shield striking a woman with his lance