America: Sound of the City exhibit

Come down to DiMenna-Nyselius Library to see the new  exhibit entitled, America: Sound of the City.  From the very beginning of our country, the United States has been synonymous with music.  And as our country grew, so did the diversity of the music created, performed and loved by people locally and eventually around the world.  In the 21st Century, nearly everywhere on the planet, mention an American city and someone will be able to tell you the music that grew out of that great metropolis.

For our Cities-themed exhibit done in support of the two-year Fairfield University Cities theme, the library spotlights famous American venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Grand Ole Opry, and Roseland in one of our lobby’s cases and a timeline of music technology in the other.  Inside the main level, our six flat cases feature cities such as Detroit for Motown, Chicago and Memphis for Blues, Nashville for Country, New Orleans for Louisiana Jazz, New York City for Rap and Hip-Hop, Athens, GA for Alternative Rock, and Seattle for Grunge.

All the cities cases feature CDs that are available in our library’s more than 3,500 item music collection.  Stop by and celebrate the birthplace of the world’s greatest music.  And check out some great music from your friends at the library.