American Movie Classics – Library Exhibit

On the next beautiful summer day, stroll on down to the Library to see our summer exhibit which showcases American Movie Classics and the Library's extensive DVD collection. While you’re here, take out a movie to watch at home.

From the silent era to the present day, it features images, quotes and movie memorabilia from popular American movies.

Featured images were retrieved from the Library database Cinema Image Gallery which contains still images from movies, television and the entertainment industry, including, still images of films in production, directors working on-set with the stars, set, costume and production design, as well as, hair and make-up shots and rare behind-the-scenes material. This database is available from the Library Database page at

The right hand lobby case features film from the silent era through the 1960’s. The left hand lobby case covers movies from the 1970’s to the present. The exhibit cases inside the building highlight a different genre: Romance, War, Science Fiction, Musicals, Cult Classics and Horror.

Unique items include movie memorabilia loaned by library staff member Grace Bissenden, such as Gone with the Wind music boxes, original movie souvenir programs from the movies Cleopatra, Gone with the Wind and the Ten Commandments.

Best Summer Movie Quote: Jaws (1975) “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” — Chief Brody (Roy Scheider)