ARTstor – more more more

strom-1ARTstor has collaborated with Carl and Jennifer Strom to digitize and distribute more than 3,200 images from the unique Strom Archive of the art and architecture from Buddhist monasteries and temples in Korea.

The Strom Archive consists primarily of photographs of South Korean Buddhist temple and monastery art including paintings, murals, and sculptures.

Also, more than 12,000 images from The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) are now available in ARTstor. This is the first release of images for the collection that will eventually include approximately 60,000 images and document a range of visual traditions from South Asian art and architecture, proceeding from general views to details for each monument and object.

ARTstor is also collaborating with the Fondazione Federico Zeri, Università di Bologna to share approximately 25,900 photographs of 16th century Italian paintings in the Digital Library.

To use ARTstor, go to the Library homepage at and click on Databases on the left hand side. Select "A".