Brain Boosting Study Tips from our De-Stress Event

Did you miss our De-Stress for Success: Midterms Edition event?

If you were too busy to attend, you can still benefit from the Brain Boosting Study Tips developed by staff of Counseling & Psychological Services.

About the event:

On Tuesday, March 1st, the Psychology Cub, Counseling & Psychological Services and the Library partnered together to host a De-Stress for Success event for mid-terms, with the goal of educating students about practices for a healthy mind. 19 students signed up for massages, and we had 39 visitors overall. Student visitors left with a packet of brain boosting study tips.

Recently, Fairfield University's ThinkSpace blog featured the study tips as a follow-up to our event. You can read the full list here: Fairfield University ThinkSpace - Brain Boosting Study Tips