Database Changes at the DiMenna-Nyselius

Starting July 1 you may notice several changes in our database holdings.  A large part of this is because iConn--the state library organization through which we receive many databases--has changed its vendor contracts.  As a result we will be losing the following databases:

Expanded Academic
General One File
General Reference Center Gold
Infotrac Junior
Infotrac Student
Kids Info Bits

As a result of the new iConn contract, we will be adding the following:

Academic Search Premier
Biography Reference Bank
Biography Reference Center
History Reference Center
Kids Search
Legal Information Reference Center
Mas Ultra
MasterFile Premier
Middle Search
Newspaper Search Plus
Primary Search
Professional Development Collection
Referencia Latina
Science Reference Center
Student Research Center

Other databases that were previously provided by the state we have elected to continue via our own subscriptions:

Academic One File
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Business Insights Essentials
Biography in Context
Educator's Reference Complete
Health and Wellness Resource Center w/Alt Health Module
Science in Context
U.S. History in Context
World History in Context
Legal Trac

This package includes some new offerings as well:

Global Issues in Context
Small Business Resource Center
Health Reference Center Academic

You can can access all of these via our database page, or explore them from our New Databases page.

Based on usage and feedback, we have also decided to discontinue the following databases:

CQ Global Researcher
Health Source: Nursing and Academic Edition
Dissertation Abstracts
ACLS Humanities Ebooks
Art Museum Image Gallery
Cinema Image Gallery
Biological and Agricultural Index

As always, we appreciate  your feedback. You can use our online form, or contact Curtis Ferree,