Films for Thought

Browsing the New Books collection (located behind the Grand Staircase on the main floor) is always a pleasure for the intellectually curious. If only we can spend our entire summer reading!

It was intriguing to see the following three new books about film and its treatment of religion, philosophy and social issues:

1. Most engaging is Plpopcornato and Popcorn : a Philosopher's Guide to 75 Thought-Provoking Movies by William G. Smith.  Looking for an exemplary movie about racism?  Consider Do the Right Thing.  Looking for a movie about "doing your duty"?  Get reaquainted with High Noon.

2. Catholics in the movies edited by Colleen McDannell explores the portrayal of Catholic pageantry, ritual and characters in movies.  From Song of Bernadette to The Godfather Trilogy to The Exorcist, there is much to discover.

3. Melanie J Wright explore multiple religions and their treatment in film in her book Religion and Film.  Don't miss the chapter on Bollywood and Hinduism.