Finals Week at a Glance

During finals week the library is a busy hub of activity! From May 3rd through May 12th 21,581 people came through the library doors. Librarians answered questions about research and citations, the group study rooms were booked, and the desks and niches of the library were so packed with students that once again we opened up two additional rooms on the lower level to provide even more study space real estate.

To help students do their best, as well as de-stress, the Library provided free coffee, tea, and snacks after 11pm (thank you to the Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing for co-sponsoring), set up a puzzle/lego/coloring de-stress station, put out free study supplies each day, and planned several de-stress events!

Therapy Dogs visited on two afternoons; the Library and Counseling & Psychological Services co-sponsored a Meditation & Massage event; FUSA sponsored a Petting Zoo on the library lawn; Pet Rocks were popular and supplies to decorate them cleared out quickly; the Fairfield University Bookstore & Library hosted a drop-in event where students could make quick crafts out of old recycled library books and materials. Librarians handed out free pizza one evening and surprised students with a Pop-Up Pizza Party, which was announced on the library loud speaker and on social media 15 minutes before the pizza delivery. Thank you to the Office of Student Engagement for sponsoring the pizza party.

Get the full picture of finals week and scroll down to view our infographic, and photos: