FLIP Video Cameras for checkout

We are pleased to offer Flip video cameras for use by students, staff and faculty as part of a new pilot project. The library is making one Flip Mino HD and five Flip SD cameras available.  They may be checked out for a period of seven days.  We thank the English Department for making the SD cameras available.

Flip cameras, “the world’s simplest shoot and share video cameras,” are pocket-sized video cameras that hold up to at least 60-minutes of video.  They are easy to use and include a USB arm that plugs directly into your computer for transferring and sharing of video.  The library also has basic video editing software installed in computer labs.  Students, staff and faculty may use the cameras for coursework or for fun.

To check out a camera, inquire at the Circulation desk- ext 2188 or circdesk@fairfield.edu.