Getty Photo Library Now Free to Use?

Many on the web are simply stunned by Getty Image's announcement that they will be making part of its vast photo collection free to all.  You can read about it here in Joshua Benton's article: Getty Images blows the web’s mind by setting 35 million photos free (with conditions, of course).

Since a large portion of  individuals on the web were already "stealing" the photos, according to British Journal of Photography in this story, "Getty Images has chosen an unconventional strategy. “We’re launching the ability to embed our images freely for non-commercial use online,” Peters explains. In essence, anyone will be able to visit Getty Images’ library of content, select an image and copy an embed HTML code to use that image on their own websites. Getty Images will serve the image in a embedded player – very much like YouTube currently does with its videos — which will include the full copyright information and a link back to the image’s dedicated licensing page on the Getty Images website."

Go  to   and look for the </> symbol to see which photos are embeddable.

Here is an example of what an embedded photo looks like: