Google’s Election Site 2008

Visit Google 2008 Election at

  • Find out what politicians are saying about the issues that matter most.
  • rent a car bulgariaUse Google Earth to see historical voting results.
  • Locate election maps -Browse 2008 political mashups to keep up with this year's election.
  • Get the quotes -See what the candidates had to say about popular issues.
  • Hear what the experts have to say and participate in debates on the key issues of the election.

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One reply to “Google’s Election Site 2008”

  1. Martha Kruy says:

    Now that the election is over, and the Nation is placing all its hopes on President-Elect Obama, perhaps there should be a DNL report on what students can do to support efforts to turn the country around. We, as citizens, need to take on responsibility for our actions - and will always be responsible, no matter who is in the Executive Office.

    I see that there is a link to understanding the financial crisis, but where we are now encompasses so many crises. There is so much opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes - what better place to point this out than the college campus libraries?

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