Hispanic Heritage Month and the Latino American Experience

September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. If you are doing any research about the Americas , or are just interested in finding out more about history of Hispanic culture, we have the perfect resource for you: The Latino American Experience.

The Latino American Experience is a full-text resource which explores the history and culture of U.S. Latinos. Content spans from the pre-Columbian Indigenous civilizations of the Americas, through the Spanish and Mexican settlement of much of what is now the United States, to the triumphs and challenges facing the present-day U.S. Latinos.

You may also be interested in a recent ebook we've added: Voices of the U.S. Latino Experience. This three volume set contains a variety of primary and secondary resources that would help any research project dealing with Latin American history and culture.

The Library has many resources on Latin American history and culture. Stop by the reference desk for more information, or contact us via text message, IM, or email.