Irish Filmmaker Festival – Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay: Weds. 10/22 @ 7PM

eliza lynch
Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay DVD cover

This drama documentary describes the background events surrounding the formation of Eliza Lynch’s relationship with the President of Paraguay’s son, Francisco Solano Lopez. Although Lynch was born in Cork, Ireland, she rose to become one of the most well-known females in Paraguay during the 1800’s. Furthermore, the documentary gives a phenomenal look into the circumstances pertaining to Eliza’s bizarre conflicts with Francisco. Believe it or not, they had seven children together, but despite their ongoing arguments throughout the years, she stuck by his side during historical battles such as the War of the Triple Alliance.

Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay is a 75 minute-long documentary filmed in Ireland and stars Maria Doyle Kennedy as Eliza Lynch.

Director and producer Alan Gilsenan will present the movie and field questions from the audience.
The Festival is free and open to the public at 7PM each Wednesday. Light refreshments will be served. This will be the final installment to the Irish Filmaker Festival.