Irish Filmmaker Festival – Who Needs Enemies: Houdini’s Great Escape: Weds. 10/15 @ 7PM

Characters from Who Needs Enemies?

The pilot and finale of the eight-part comic-drama series Who Needs Enemies: Houdini’s Great Escape, written, produced and acted in by Conor Montague, will be shown in Fairfield University’s DiMenna-Nyselius Library in the lower level Multimedia room on Wednesday, October 15th at 7PM.

The pilot episode of the series takes on a  humorous approach, when the main character, Eoin Hancock, is left to face one of the biggest dilemmas of his life… a goat with a lot of cocaine in its system! He and his friends find themselves in a cat-and-mouse wild goose chase when they must avoid interacting with Pat McCann, a detective out to expose this carefree group of friends.

Who Needs Enemies: Houdini’s Great Escape was filmed in Ireland.

Writer, producer and actor  Conor Montague will introduce the screening.
The Festival is free and open to the public at 7PM each Wednesday. Light refreshments will be served. The Festival schedule continues as follows: October 15: Connor Montague’s Who Needs Enemies; October 22: Alan Gilsenan’s Eliza Lynch: The Queen of Paraguay.