Last week of LGBT History Month – ‘Becoming Nicole’

As LGBT History month comes to a close, a new book on the transgender experience has just been published, and our copy will arrive shortly. You can "request it" to be one of the first to get your hands on our copy once it arrives.

Becoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family by Amy Ellis Nutt.

Nicole Maines, born Wyatt and her twin brother Jonas were adopted by the Maines family. As they grew up, their adoptive parents noticed striking differences in them. Wyatt was always asking for girls clothing and toys. The family explains how their own journey to acceptance of Nicole's identity was prompted in part by the need to defend her when acquaintances and school mates were unkind to her. NPR recently published an interview with the Maines family and author Amy Ellis Nutt, sharing highlights of the book, including the family's experiences and biological information about the formation of gender identity in identical twins. Read or listen to the NPR interview here.