Library Damaged in Storm!

The roof damage occurred in the old part of the structure and therefore the damage is to the rear or eastern side of the Library. Water began leaking on the book stacks on the third floor and to some of the reference collection and offices on the 2nd or main floor.

Beginning around noon on Sunday, a  Save Our Stacks (SOS)  team was organized. Librarians were called in, Pritchard staff came to start cleaning, a disaster recovery firm from Newtown arrived, a roofer came,  and equipment was brought in—shovels to remove the crumbled, soggy ceiling tiles, wet/vacs, shelf cleaners, etc. Book stacks were covered with plastic sheeting. About half the stacks upstairs are roped off where work is underway. The SOS team worked from 12:15 to 7:30 pm and did a tremendous job.  

Unfortunately between midnight and 5 a.m. Monday, water came in again.  Pritchard staff did a repeat of Sunday's cleanup. The disaster firm is here and they are bringing in special equipment to extract the water from the soggy carpet.

While all of the library and its services remain operational we would appreciate it if library users observe the closed off areas marked with yellow caution tape. If users need books in these areas they can ask the staff at the Circulation Desk to obtain them.

As we work to mitigate the damage to the collection and the building, we want to thank the many people who love the library and who worked so hard to keep it open and functioning.    

 upper level floor damage

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  1. Janice Swiatek-Kelley says:

    How awful! Wishing your library a speedy recovery.

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