Margaret Farley Videos Added to DigitalCommons

The American Scholars of Religion Video Project has added a new scholar to its collection.  You can now view video clips of Sister Margaret Farley,  who has been accused by the Vatican of publishing a book  Just love : a framework for Christian sexual ethics  that poses “grave harm” to the faithful. Read more about the denouncing here.

View Margaret Farley's video series in American Scholars of Religion Video Project.

 The American Scholars of Religion Project, begun in 1998, is a video oral history; it is a collection of short commentaries or vignettes that preserve and illustrate the thinking and scholarly personality of a diverse sample of American scholars of religion. In these video clips we can watch a scholar at work and come to understand that scholarship is often the struggle to understand the question rather than posit an often simplistic answer. The collection represents a wide range of scholarship in America on the topic of religion at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

This video project is ongoing; completed videos will be added regularly and new videos continue to be created. This video project was conceived, created and produced by Dr. Alfred Benney. Dr. Benney is a Professor of Religious Studies at Fairfield University.