WOW! 5,500 NEW Streaming Videos Added

The Library is  pleased to announce the purchase of a new video resource: Films on Demand. Also known as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Films on Demand offers streaming videos in a variety of academic disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, business and economics, science and mathematics, health and medicine, and archival films and newsreels.

This is a significant purchase for the Library, adding over 5,500 films to our collection (increasing our film collection by 50%). Training sessions will be offered in the Fall for all faculty but we wanted to  get the word out now for use in summer classes.

Videos are available from any internet connection, on or off campus. Videos can be shared, linked to, or embedded in a web page, and are available in a variety of formats. You can access Films on Demand now from our database page. This fall, titles will also be available for access through our catalog.

If you have any questions, contact Curtis Ferree,, ext 2185.