New Database on Trial: AnthroSource

We have a new database on trial: AnthroSource. AnthroSource provides access to full text anthropology articles in journals published by the American Anthropological Association. Check it out and let us know what you think. You can access it on our database trials page. Send your comments or questions to Curtis Ferree at, or you can use our electronic resources evaluation form. This trial expires 4-30-10.

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One reply to “New Database on Trial: AnthroSource”

  1. Scott Lacy says:


    This database is a critical resource for the new and blossoming anthropology program at Fairfield U. Personally, I use it to bolster my teaching and research. As the Dept of Soc & Anth develops and launches our anthro minor and joint sociology-anthropology major, we will have growing need for AnthroSource. Additionally, ethnographic research plays an increasingly critical role in disciplines outside of Anth-Soc, including business, international studies, nursing, political science, environment, and more.

    I hope we can fit AnthroSource into our library budget... it would be a great way to support the new anthro program within the Sociology & Anthropology Department.

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