October – Fresh Tunes

The new semester has begun, and we have some great recommendations for you from the music collection! A variety of indie, pop, and alternative selections, curated by our reference assistant and WVOF station manager, Sarah Markham.


Lily Allen - Sheezus

English singer/songwriter Lily Allen has released her third album, Sheezus. On hiatus since 2009, this is her first new work in five years. Allen has a unique sound, citing influences of ska, reggae, and synthpop.

Ariana Grande - My Everything

Grande’s second studio album, My Everything, debuted in August of this year. Pitchfork described the album as “refreshingly grown up,” and a departure from the wholesome image she projected with her first album.

Coldplay - Ghost Stories

Coldplay has returned with a sixth studio album, Ghost Stories. The award winning British band was enormously popular in the early 2000s, but are they past their peak? Paste magazine stated, “Coldplay is always going to be warm, nostalgic, melancholy, pleasant, innocent and good.”


Ed Sheeran - X

English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has been known in the US since his appearnce on Taylor Swift’s Red. His newest album, X, came out in June. The UK Telegraph reported, “these are genuinely great songs, where melodies flow, rhythms groove, choruses erupt and lyrics jab you with surprises.”

Lana del Rey - Ultraviolence

Lana del Rey is a polarizing figure in Indie music - listeners seem to either love her or hate her. Her newest album, Ultraviolence, might surprise those who are less than enamoured with her. Produced by Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, del Rey’s album has blues elements and psychedelic guitar. Rolling Stone says del Rey is “one of the most compelling performers of our time.”

Black Keys - Turn Blue

The Black Keys have become a staple of indie rock. El Camino and Brothers put them on the map; Turn Blue, the band’s eighth studio album, and it proves that the band still has something fresh to say. Entertainment Weekly called the album “meticulously executed.” It is sure to please long time fans, and will spark interest for those just discovering them.


Robyn & Royskopp - Do It Again

Swedish artist Robyn collaborated with the Norwegian duo Royskopp to create her mini album Do It Again. Robyn prefers to create “mini albums” rather than full length EPs, telling Billboard, “I think shorter albums with a lot of good songs on them are better.” Hard driven electronic beats and billowing synths form an other-worldly sound.

Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Out last spring, Phoenix’s newest album, Bankrupt!, does not disappoint fans of synth-heavy indie pop - the songs are upbeat and fast paced. Phoenix began as a Parisian garageband in the late 90s, but did not reach their current popularity until their fourth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, in 2009.

Jack White - Lazaretto

White became a well known figure in alternative rock as The White Stripes’ frontman, but has since enjoyed success with his solo career. His second album, Lazaretto, was released in June of this year. The week it came out, Lazaretto was the highest selling vinyl LP at 40,000 copies.