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Monday, Oct 20, 2014  -  Why Bother?

newtagiconOnline Video: Library Minute: Open Access, from Arizona State University (1 minute)

Online Video: Open Access 101, from SPARC (3.16 minutes)


Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014  - What Does Open Access Mean?

Online Video: Go Open Access - I. What is Open Access? (53 seconds)

Additional readings: A Very Brief Introduction to Open Access by Peter Suber (1 page) and

We Support Open Access, What does Open Access Mean  from Public Library of Science (1page)


Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014 - Know Your Rights

Online Video: Author Rights by SPARC (2.11 minutes)

Additional reading: Author's Rights Brochure and Infographic on  differences between traditional copyright, Creative Commons, and Public Domain from

Thurs, Oct 23, 2014 - Open Access in the Humanities
Our Students in Action

The Library is excited to collaborate with Dr. Jerelyn Johnson and two classes of her advanced Spanish students to improve access points to The Walter J. Petry Collection. These students will be active participants in the Open Access movement by helping the Library to translate the posters in Digital Commons (here Walter J. Petry Image Gallery), and translating titles and writing abstracts/summaries in English of selected books in the Collection (here Walter J. Petry Book Gallery).

newtagiconWhat is Digital Humanities? See this inspiring video by Oxford University. 


Friday, Oct 24, 2014 - DiMenna-Nyselius Open Access Repository

Online Video What is Digital Commons? (3.42 minutes)

Additional reading: What Faculty can do to Support Open Access?
(<2 pages) AND visit DigitalCommons@Fairfield to read colleagues' work

   newtagiconDigitalCommons@Fairfield Statistics Update as of 5/2014

  • 57% faculty participation rate within almost every department across the campus. 149 faculty members out of a potential 261 eligible faculty members have participated in DigitalCommons@Fairfield.
  • 53% increase in content over one year.
  • The IR contained well over 2,500 items which have been downloaded over  80,000 times!


 *******************ALL WEEK LONG*****************

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Lawrence Lessig

Watch Lawrence Lessig talks with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report about the intersection of copyright and creativity. ( 6 minutes)


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