Original Civil War Photos

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - The Martyr of Freedom

In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the nation's Civil War, and in coordination with the Thursday, November 17  lecture, "Beyond the Battlefield: Jews and the Civil War", the Library is pleased to display original Civil War photographs. This display will run from now through November 24.

All photographs in this exhibit are on loan from the collection of Stephan Loewentheil. We are especially grateful to Mr. Loewentheil for sharing these photographs with the Fairfield University Community. In addition, we thank Dr.  Ellen Umansky for contributing her framed $2 confederate bill with a picture of Jewish secretary of War, later secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin.

For more information about the "Beyond the Battlefield: Jews and the Civil War," lecture, go to http://fairfield.edu/cas/cas_news.html?id=3245.