April 25, 2018
by Lisa Thornell
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Thank you to the Student Library Advisory Board!

Several of the student board members, along with librarian co-chairs, Matt Bernstein & Lisa Thornell

As this academic year comes to a close we would like to shine a spotlight on an important group of students, the Student Library Advisory Board. The board was newly formed in September and consisted of 18 members, each with diverse majors, campus involvement, and interests. The primary objective of the board is to facilitate communications and the exchange of ideas between the student body and the library administration in order to better address student needs, provide new services, and improve existing services.

A few of the board members will be graduating and we thank them for their feedback and ideas. There will be a few spots open on the board in the fall for the September 2018-May 2019 school year and the application will be open in early September. For more information see the SLAB webpage: https://www.fairfield.edu/library/about/slab/


April 17, 2018
by Lisa Thornell
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Enter to win a VIP Study Room during Finals Week!

You could win your very own VIP Study Room in the Library for one entire day during finals week! This VIP Study Room, located on the main floor of the library, will provide you with peace, quiet, study supplies, and snacks! You can enter yourself to win for multiple days.

Fill out this short survey about the Personal Librarian Program to enter: http://fairfield.libsurveys.com/vipstudyroom

Deadline to enter: Tuesday, April 24th. The winners will be emailed on Thursday, April 26th and must respond to claim their prize by noon on Monday, April 30th. Good luck to all!


April 16, 2018
by Mat Blaine
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Mark Your Calendars for Cram Jam! April 29

Got those end of the semester blues? Yeah, Clam Jam will definitely help and let you forget about all your final projects, tests, and papers for a while but what about the next morning when you wake up and realize that you need serious help? Well, that's why there's Cram Jam.

Stop by the Writing Center between 1 and 5 pm on Sunday, April 29th (the day after Clam Jam) and get help from tutors and librarians on any of the following topics:

  • Writing
  • Citations
  • Research help on any subject
  • Math
  • General Chemistry for Health Sciences
  • Anatomy & Physiology

In addition to all the academic help on the menu, we'll also be serving up breakfast sandwiches and other refreshments throughout the afternoon so that you'll leave full and confident that you're going to crush all your final efforts this academic year!

Brought to you by: ACDC, the Writing Center, the Math Center, the Office of Student Affairs, and your friends at the DiMenna-Nyselius Library.


April 8, 2018
by Lisa Thornell
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Why Students Should Enter to Win the Library Research Prize

Blog post written by Taylor Matto, Library Social Media Student Assistant

Are you on the fence about applying for the 2018 Library Research Prize? Here are 4 reasons to motivate you to complete your application:

1. You’ll Become Rich

When you enter to win the Library Research Prize you can potentially win $1,000. That’s a lot of money. Just think of all of the things you can use that money for- endless coffees and bagels from Einstein’s, books for next semester and seniors could even use the money to help put a deposit down a new apartment. Don’t let all of your hard work go unrewarded.


2. Bragging Rights

You put a lot of hard work into your research you deserve to flaunt your hard work for all to see. Even if you don’t win, everyone will know that you did some serious research and if you do win, the University will recognize you for all of your hard work. YAY!


3. The Application Process is Good Practice

Whether you are applying to internships, full time jobs or grad school, you will need to fill out an application form of some sort.  The more you practice the better you will become. Oh, and application for the Library Research Prize is rather short.


4. The Librarians Would LOVE to Hear from You

Not only are DNL librarians there for you through every step of the research process, but also they are extremely proud of all of the amazing things their students accomplish. Enter so they can have the opportunity to brag about you as well!


So are you going to apply? Check out the full details here and apply by April 16th: fairfield.edu/libprize



April 4, 2018
by Jackie
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Celebration of Faculty Scholarship, Grants, and Creative Achievements

Last week the DiMenna-Nyselius Library, in partnership with the Center for Academic Excellence, hosted the annual Faculty Publishing Party to honor faculty members for their scholarship, grants, and creative achievements over the past year. The event drew 70 alumni, faculty, staff, and donors to celebrate the publications and presentations produced by Fairfield faculty, spanning multiple disciplines and areas of interest.


Read more about the event at news@fairfield.