Read the Chronicle of Higher Education online

Did you know the Library has a subscription to campus-wide online access to The Chronicle of Higher Education newspaper? The Chronicle is considered the #1 newspaper for college/university faculty members and administrators. Throw away those stacks of newspapers and start reading it online!

To read the Chronicle of Higher Education online while on campus, go to The Chronicle's home page at From here you can read the current print edition posted every Monday morning, search past issues and read other features which are updated daily on their website.

To get the most from the Chronicle online, we encourage you to take advantage of their free e-mail newsletters, including Academe Today, The Chronicle’s Daily Report and also the Chronicle Review Newsletter. To register for all the complimentary e-mail newsletters that The Chronicle publishes, go to

You can also read the Chronicle of Higher Education from off-campus by clicking here:  Chronicle of Higher Education.   You can bookmark this link for later use.

Contact the Reference Desk at x 2178 to learn more.