Seeking New Board Members

person gesturing in front of lap top and sitting at table with open notebook

Looking for a leadership role for your resume?

Have ideas to improve the Library?

Do you want to learn about about the Library?

Do you want to connect with other students and staff?

Calling all undergrads and grads to apply for the Student Library Advisory Board!

You do not need to be a library super-user to apply. We are interested in all class years and majors. Meetings are held just 2-3 times per semester.

See the Student Library Advisory Board webpage
for more details and the link to apply:

This is what other students have said about their experience on the Board:

"I enjoyed having a voice beyond our normal student feedback. It made me think more about how else I can voice my opinions in other settings"

"Being a member of the board helped me to see that the library offers a lot of services to the students that I didn't know about. I think talking to different parts of an organization can benefit everyone involved, be it sharing resources or getting a different perspective on a problem or increasing your network."

"It has given me an outlet for how advisory boards work"

"It helped me be more comfortable sharing my ideas and thoughts"

"I was able to learn how to work with my fellow peers, as well as professional adults. I was able to discuss my passions and ideas in confidence and learn that I hope to participate in similar groups like this one in the future.”

"I really enjoyed my experience and thought the program was run very well and efficiently!"

"SLAB was much less of a commitment than my other leadership roles on campus which was really nice"