Thank you to the Student Library Advisory Board

The Library staff would like to thank the members of the Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) for serving their term (Sept. 2018-May 2019) and providing vital feedback on library services and resources. Thanks to SLAB's ideas and advice we:

  • Rebranded and improved the Library's blog (this blog you are reading right now).
  • Enhanced the Reserve a Room page to book Group Study Rooms by adding floor plans and photos.
  • Took first steps to start a Student Donated Textbook Reserves Program. Students donated books at then end of the Spring 2019 semester and the Library will continue to solicit donations to form a substantial collection. Students will soon be able to utilize these textbooks in the library for up to four hours at a time.
  • Downloaded new "experiences" for Oculus Rift Virtual Reality.
  • Advertised the new Virtual Reality equipment by suggesting an Open House event in Spring 2019, and promotion to head of Career Services and Sophomore Residential College coordinator.
  • Hosted an OrgSync workshop in Fall 2018 with the Office of Student Engagement for FYE credit.
  • Created new finals programming (Bingo, Group Scream, Pickle Hunt Scavenger Hunt).
  • Worked with Student Affairs to extend library café hours during December 2018 finals week.
  • Plan to purchase some of the items suggested to add to our Equipment Lending program (“Library of Things”)
  • Will be partnering our Personal Librarian Program with FYE in Fall 2019. Each FYE group will assigned their own Librarian so that students have a name and face to contact if they need research help.

Board members took an exit survey at their last meeting (end of April) and here is what they said about their experience:

Intrigued? We will be putting out a call for members to apply in early September 2019. For more info check out: