Two Databases on Trial: Statista and World Politics Review

We have two databases on trial that we'd love to get your feedback on!

Have you ever needed to know how consumers feel about avocados vs apples? Or, whether volunteering makes you more desirable to employers? Statista contains statistics on thousands of topics, including business, finance, politics, lifestyles, current trends, and technology.  Data is pooled from a variety of sources, including government and industry databases, trade publications, and scientific journal. In addition to data, Statista also includes infographics, industry reports,studies, and topic pages. This could be a great resource for researchers in Business, Sociology, Marketing, Journalism, or any research project that requires data.  Statista has a great series of online tutorials to show you how all the components work, including this short overview of it's features.

Today we have many sources for news, but fewer for thoughtful, in-depth analysis of current events. World Politics Review contains original briefs, opinion pieces, reports, and features on a wide range of foreign affairs and world politics, updated daily.  Subject areas include Law, Human Rights, U.S. Foreign Policy, Business and Economic Development, and Political Theory.  You can browse by topic or region of the world, and find unbiased analysis not only of front page issues but also important world events that do not receive major press coverage. World Politics Review is designed with foreign policy professionals in mind, and could be a great benefit to researchers of foreign affairs at all levels.

Please let us know what you think by contacting Curtis Ferree,,  or filling out our  Electronic Resources Evaluation form. Both trials expire September 30.