Two New Displays to Welcome Our Students

We have just put up two new displays at the base of the grand staircase here at the DiMenna-Nyselius Library to welcome everybody to campus!

A useful infographic on display near the grand staircase.
A useful infographic on display near the grand staircase.

The first display is titled "How To Rock Your First Year" and it is full of useful books on subjects such as: how to study, how to most effectively do research, and how to properly cite one's sources. If you feel like you need to know all of The Secrets of College Success or you want to make sure you're Doing Honest Work in College, come in soon to check out this display, because it has all the answers!

The second display is full of many of the new books, DVDs and CDs that we've gotten over the summer. From Ne-Yo's Non-Fiction to the Alabama Shakes' Sound and Color, we've got plenty of new music for you to listen to, and from author Eliza Factor's novel Love Maps to curator Thomas Olivri's anthology Geek-Art, there is bound to be a book to spark anyone's interest.

Stop by today to check out what we've gotten since we last saw each other!