Wrapping Up Finals @ the Library: How Many Students Did We Reach?

At the library, we always strive to make the library space, our services, and our resources as user-friendly as possible. The weeks leading up to finals are a special challenge for us because this is a time when we field even more reference questions, schedule even more research appointments, and check out even MORE materials!

Another thing we do here during finals is offer a few extra comforts for all those students pushing themselves to their limits to get their work done and to help them do their best work possible. Our outreach committee plans special services such as study giveaways, free coffee and snacks after midnight, and of course, we bring in the ever-popular therapy dogs to visit with students! We heard through the grapevine that at least one student made a special stop to come pet the dogs in between two stressful finals. See the infographic below to see the full picture of the support we offered!

It's meaningful for us to take some time at the end of this busy season to remind ourselves about how crucial our services are to so many. The library staff will be here all summer to help those taking summer courses, but for those who have gone away, we wish you a restful and happy summer, and we look forward to working with you in the fall of 2016!

finals infographic small may 2016