Wrapping up the Summer Reading Challenge

Our Summer Reading Challenge was a success with 64 students, faculty, and staff taking part in it as a way to find out about new books, get reading motivation, or simply connect with each other during the summer of the pandemic. It ran from May 26th through August 20th 2020. See some stats from the Challenge below.

In addition to using the collaborative work tool, Quip, to log books, set reading goals, and comment on others titles, there were three Lattes with Librarians virtual book chats. These relaxed conversations were a fun way in interact during the summer over our shared interest in reading. A list of all books discussed at these meetings were sent to all Challengers. At the last Lattes, we invited two public librarians from Fairfield Public Library to share what they were reading and talk about titles coming out soon.

Partners from the Fairfield University Bookstore and Health & Wellness Committee co-sponsored the Challenge. Prizes were provided by all sponsors and the Office of Human Resources, and the raffle winners were contacted and can pick up their prizes over the next two weeks from the Library Services & Information Desk.

Thank you to the Fairfield University Bookstore for putting together a new store display with some of the book titles we read! Students, staff, or faculty names are on the bookmarks so you know who recommended each one (with permission granted by each Challenger). Stop by the downtown bookstore and check out the display!

We are planning to offer a Winter Reading Challenge which will have a different format. More details will be provided in December. Stay tuned!