A Letter to our Students during Finals

Dear students,

As we all know, this finals week is different than previous semesters. Many of you have found focus, productivity, stability, and comfort in studying, researching, writing, and collaborating (or maybe a little procrastinating) in our library building during this busy time of year. You came to our building early in the morning to stake out your favorite seat, brought ample snacks to power you through the day, or you waited patiently on a line for the free midnight coffee/snack cart. You followed the colorful paw prints on the ground to therapy dog events, took breaks at our coloring/lego tables, or participated in "group scream" on the lawn, among many other activities to to relieve your stress and come together as an academic community to bond over the shared hurdle ahead that is finals week.

We loved seeing the "library regulars" (you know who you are if you are reading this) and also the newer faces that maybe didn't frequent the building until the final days of each semester. We loved helping you find books in the stacks, explaining in-person how to cite your sources, giving away study supplies (or ear plugs when you needed them because the person next to you was typing too loudly), lending you a charger when you were in need, or just saying hello and that "you've got this."

Handwritten notes from the Library Staff and their kids/pets

We know that we can't replicate all of these things virtually. However it wouldn't be right if we didn't share a couple virtual de-stress activities, cheesy library-themed things, AND also remind you of the useful academic resources that can help you power through your research and writing.

Here is a reminder about the following library resources that you may find helpful during this time:

  • Research Guides will help you pick the right databases and resources.
  • Citation Guides to create your bibliography/references.
  • Integrating Sources guide for incorporating sources into your writing.
  • Quick tutorials like how to optimize your searches, locate stable links, or find peer-reviewed resources.
  • Appointments with research librarians are still available. You can book a 45 min. zoom slot for research or citation help. Book here
  • 24/7 chat box for research and citation help.

Don't forget to take study breaks! These may help: 

  • Virtual De-Stress Fest featured on the latest #SeparatedTogether newsletter on Life@Fairfield. Brought to you by the Fairfield University Health & Wellness Committee.
  • Download and print our coloring book, which we made earlier this year. There are also 100s of other coloring books available on the #ColorOurCollections platform, created by other libraries, archives, and museums.
  • Many libraries, organizations, and talented individuals have also created virtual escape room challenges. Some of them were made using humble tools like Google Slides! Check out this google doc list of the digital escape rooms that one library compiled.
  • Our Spotify account has playlists to help you focus or get energized
  • Reflect/share your experiences during this unprecedented time-frame and help us document history for the University Archives. BTW, you can do this after finals week too. There is no deadline.

If you're feeling really nostalgic for the DiMenna-Nyselius Library you can:

  • Pretend you are here by saving one of the images of the library (see below) and making it your Virtual Zoom Background! We tested it this week during a Zoom meeting and got a chuckle out of some faculty and staff.
  • Send your friends a virtual postcard via email or share on social media. Yes, we know it's not the same as the printed cards we provide on the first reading days and mail to your family and friends, but it can still be a nice way to tell your study buddies that you're thinking about them. Download below.
  • Follow us on Instagram @fairfieldulib and keep in touch. : )

So good luck Stags! And don't forget to reach out to us if you need help.

With love and admiration for all your hard work,

Your Library

Virtual Postcards, vertical and horizontal (right click and save)

Virtual Zoom Background Images (right click and save)