DNL Librarians Share Work Designing Learning Program

Jeremiah Mercurio and Barbara Ghilardi at CT Information Literacy Conference

Librarians Barbara Ghilardi and Jeremiah Mercurio presented at at the 2017 Connecticut Information Literacy Conference The IL Connection: From How We Learn to Now We Learn in June, 2017.

Their presentation, developed with librarian Matt Bernstein, was entitled Building & Evaluating 21st Century Learning: ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy as a Tool for Enhancing Assessment.  The presentation focused on the process instruction librarians at Fairfield University went through in redesigning the Library's Information Literacy program.  The goal of the redesign was to incorporate learning activities that appeal to first-year students and to determine how ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy could help develop new learning outcomes that better fit 21st-century learners.  Armed with two years of assessment data, these librarians demonstrated what their students are learning and the challenges associated with assessing Framework-based outcomes in the one-shot model, with strategies for revising the program moving forward.

To learn more about DiMenna-Nyselius Library's Instruction program, go to https://www.fairfield.edu/library/services/instruction/


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