Count down to Election Tuesday


If you have visited the library over the past few weeks you will have noticed the U.S. Election display next to the main staircase with books on the candidates and the issues voters are voting on. As books are checked out, new ones are added to the display.

The large board asks the question: What issue is the most important to you? Library visitors can participate by selecting ONE issue and pinning it to the corresponding area of the board.

Since the board went up on October 14th we have calculated 144 issues have been pinned. The issues on the board, with the number of pins posted are:  Immigration (20); Social Justice (18); Abortion (18); Education (18); Healthcare (16); Environment (15); Economy (14); Military/Defense (11);  Gun Rights/Control (10) ; Role of Government (4)


Same Day Voter Registration will be held for the first time ever on Fairfield University campus. Voters who have already registered or those who have applied for absentee ballots are ineligible to participate in the Same Day voting booths at Fairfield. Learn more at

Fairfield students, faculty and staff can visit the Stags Vote page on Org Sync for information on how and where to vote.

Here are a few additional resources to check out before you vote on Tuesday, November 8th:

Party Websites: