Library Research Prize Winners Announced


Congratulations to Kristina St. Cyr for winning the 2011 Library Research Prize for Undergraduates! Kristina was awarded the prize for her research for her paper "Forced prostitution: The influence of a machismo society on the well being of women and girls in Nicaragua" done for her International Studies Senior Capstone Seminar.

Supporting professor Dr. Janie Leatherman writes of  Kristina's work,"Kristina's paper draws from a wide-variety of source materials. She uses secondary literature to conceptualize the challenges and issues associated with sex trafficking in general, while an array of other source materials allow her to contextualize this for Nicaragua, and particularly, her cultural interpretation of this in terms of "machismo." "

Director Joan Overfield and Kristina St. Cyr

Congratulations to Anika Walker and Deborah Boyhen for winning the 2011 Library Research Prize for Graduate Students! Anika and Deborah were awarded the prize for their research for their paper "Interactive Stories: Below Grade Level Readers" for their Research in Educational Technology class.

Their faculty supporter Dr. Elizabeth Langren writes, "Certainly (their work) is both original and in a very important area worthy of exploration.  Excellent collaborative approach, these two certainly show potential for further work in this area of action research in educational technology."

Deborah Boyhen, Joan Overfield and Anika Walker

The goal of the $250 Prizes is to attract the very best research papers/projects from courses taught in departments across the campus. It recognizes excellence in research projects that show evidence of extensive use of library services, resources and collections, and significant knowledge in the methods of research and the information-gathering process.

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