Our Small but Growing Textbook Collection

Books in the Library's Student Donated Textbook Collection are "on reserve" at the Library Services & Information Desk and include other required class texts besides traditional textbooks. They can be consulted for up to 4 hours in the building. Students can do their assigned course readings, use the photocopier, or free scanners in the library.

How do I know if the library has my textbook or required reading available? Try these 2 things OR ask a librarian for help

  • Check the list of Student Donated Textbooks. We hope that this collection will continue to grow over time!
  • Search the Library Catalog. As a general rule, we are not able to purchase textbooks for our collection, because new editions are published nearly every year. In the rare situation in which we do purchase a course textbook, we would only have one copy.

Need help searching for your book(s)? Ask a Librarian for help!

Background on the Student Donated Textbook Collection

The Student Donated Textbook Collection was started in thanks to the 2018-2019 Student Library Advisory Board. Board members had spoken out that many students do not obtain the required class books at all since they are oftentimes cost prohibitive.

During finals week each semester the library advertises this collection initiative and asks students to donate their old textbooks or any required class texts. A donation form must be filled out so that we know which courses they were used for.

For more information about this Collection contact research@fairfield.edu