Share your Story at the Human Library on 11/8

Do you have a story to share that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue? Sign-up to be a BOOK in the Human Library here:

This will be Fairfield's third year hosting the Human Library, an event that aims to create dialogue and understanding between people. Individuals volunteer as human ‘books’ and participants in the event can ‘read’ the book- meaning they would have a one on one conversation with the volunteer and share in a dialogue about that individual’s experience. ‘Books’ are students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have volunteered to share their experiences centered around discrimination and/or want to break down barriers based on race, religion, sexual orientation, class, gender identity, lifestyle choices, disability and other aspects of their life. The Human Library provides the opportunity for the Fairfield University community to share and understand the experiences of others.

The Human Library will take place on Thursday, November 8th from 1-4:30pm and 6-8:30pm. The Fairfield University campus community is invited to drop-by anytime to check out a 'human book' at the event. Last year over 400 stags attended. There will once again be FYE Thrive credit for first-year students.

Students, staff, faculty and alumni can sign-up to be a book by 10/12. For more information see the Human Library website or contact Barbara Ghilardi or  Lisa Thornell