Library Staff Poetry

Library strategic planning poetry

During the Library's year long process to craft a Strategic Plan, which was announced to the Fairfield University community in February 2022, there were several virtual staff retreats organized to facilitate mission and goal writing. Of course there were a few team-building activities built in too, and one of them took the form of collaborative poetry writing. The Library staff was divided into Zoom breakout rooms and each group member contributed a line. In honor of National Poetry Month we hope you will enjoy our poems....

View the Library’s mission and values statements, and Strategic Plan here:

Library Staff Retreat Poem #1

Happy is as happy does.

Not enough time for lunch even though

I’m next to my kitchen.

Open to change.

New shoes, I hope they fit.  They do!

All librarians read, but most of us read e-mails.

Every voice deserves to be heard.

Teamwork and trust.

All librarians get cold but only some of us wear cardigans.

Sharing is caring.

Listening is an art.

All Librarians care for someone but some of us are allergic to cats, BECKY!

Library Staff Retreat Poem #2

So it begins.

The work of birds begins at dawn.

Fear of failure prevents unexpected accomplishments.

The ceiling fan feels nice.

I can’t write under these conditions.

Distractions are my vice.

Daisy, painting, joy, laughter, song, sand, balloons, ice tea.

The dog barks.

I don’t know why.

I suspect he doesn’t either.

Library Staff Retreat Poem #3

Tumult, waves, snakes

Transparency, sincerity, honesty

Peace and rejuvenation

Coffee, tea, and desert sun

Library Staff Retreat Poem #4

Post-Covid burn-out.

We’re all in this together.

Strategic Planning.

Green grass

Baby birds

Warm sun

Pink flowers


New leaves

Trust in yourself.

Don’t belittle your accomplishments.

Take a breath.


Completed in January, the DiMenna-Nyselius Library’s Strategic Plan is comprised of two ambitions: Modern Academic Library and Institutional Memory, and six goals: Teaching, Learning, and Research; Collections; Diversity and Inclusive Excellence; Communications; Funding and Financial Planning; Organizational Culture of the Library. It also includes a new mission statement and values statements.

The Library’s Strategic Plan will not only help guide the Library’s work for the next several years, but also represent the vision for a modern academic library, and articulate the values that inspire our work. We look forward to implementing our plan and hope that you will take some time to review the four-page public version on our website. We encourage you to send a note to the Dean of the Library & University Librarian, Christina S. McGowan, if you have questions or feedback.