Movie The Imitation Game – Alan Turing

The Imitation Game theatrical movie poster

Many people may recognize British actor Benedict Cumberbatch from his work in the infamous BBC television series Sherlock, in which he stars as the intellectual crime solving detective. Now Benedict stars in the Imitation Game alongside Keira Knightley which will be released on November 28th. The Sherlock star plays the role of Alan Turing, a noteworthy mathematician responsible for cracking several Nazi codes that ultimately led to the victory of the Allies in World War II. Aside from the focus on Turing’s achievements pertaining to the war, the movie takes an in-depth look on his childhood struggles when he attended boarding school in Hazelburst, Sussex and the investigation he faced for his homosexuality in the early 1950s.

Members of the Fairfield community may learn more about the life of Alan Turing through the Library's  book  collection. Noteworthy books include the Essential Turing and Alan Turing: His Work and Impact. The Essential Turing places an emphasis on Turing’s groundbreaking studies pertaining to code-cracking and his philosophical writings from the 20th century. Likewise, Alan Turing: His Work and Impact explores the studies of Alan Turing and contains commentaries on every work.

Books about Alan Turing, as well as movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch, are now on display on the main level.