Peter Pan and more fairy tales

As part of  Take Your Child to Work Day festivities on 4/23,  library staff John Cayer, Stefanie Parry and Elise Bochinski presented  "When Wendy Grew Up", based on the one-act play by J.M. Barrie, the author of ??????? ????? the famous children’s story Peter Pan.

The play version of Peter Pan first opened in London in 1904 and was a tremendous success. However the question that audience members most asked Barrie was simply this: "What happened to Wendy when she grew up?" So Barrie wrote this short one-act play as a surprise for his producer Charles Frohman, who was arriving from America to catch the very last performance of Peter Pan. It was rehearsed secretly and performed without any advance announcement on closing night in 1908, and then never again.

April 23 at DiMenna-Nyselius Library
"When Wendy Grew Up" presented on April 23 at DiMenna-Nyselius Library

It may surprise you to know that many students at Fairfield do research on fairy tales, including Peter Pan. The Library has developed an online guide to help them - available at

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  1. jkremer says:

    I throughly enjoyed the performance. It was magical!

  2. Mountain Man says:

    Wow--Mr. Cayer is all growed up!

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