Stag Country Scavenger Hunt Answers & Winners

Thanks for playing out first ever scavenger hunt! It was created by librarians and the University archivist for students to play during Move in Weekend. First-year students were encouraged to play to learn about campus buildings and some University facts and history too. Teams were entered into a raffle and did not need to get all answers correct to win. Scroll down to see the answers and winners.

First-year students, Reese and Kaitlyn, of team "Swag Stags" are the winners! We will notify you when your prizes are ready for pickup!

Through 14 "tasks", teams had to locate buildings or objects on the Fairfield University Campus. To prove that they found the correct place on campus, they uploaded a photo of ONE team member in front of the exterior of each building or object OR answered a question. Here are the answers....

#1 Find the Statue of our mascot

Stag Statue

#2 This building opened in 1966 and has undergone several renovations since then, including most recently in 2017 when the Tully Dining Commons opened.  In 1992, it was named after a 42 year veteran chemistry professor and provost of Fairfield University.  Impress your friends at dinner with this trivia!

Barone Campus Center

#3 Find one sculpture comprised of two bronze figures. One black. One white.

Examen St. Ignatius Memorial sculpture in front of the Egan Chapel More information on the sculpture here.

#4 The building that shares the same name as the saint you just found.

Loyola Hall. Named for Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus and author of "Spiritual Exercises," Loyola Hall is located on the Quad. It was built in 1955 and stands three stories high. The Ignatian Residential College for sophomores is housed here. Also, the building houses the Department of Public Safety, art galleries, and classrooms for the Fine Arts Department on the ground floor.

#5 Find one of the 18 metal Frisbee or Disc golf baskets.

A photo of any of them on campus was correct. Intrigued? More info here

#6 "Academic Commons" is not on the campus map but it is on the main floor of this building. Academic Commons houses academic student support services. Hint: Includes the Math Center, Writing Center, ITS Help Desk, Accessibility Office, Office of Academic Support & Retention & the Innovation Lab

DiMenna-Nyselius Library Book virtual appointments this semester with many of these services. See the "Services" tab on the top of the library homepage.

#7 This bas-relief is on the front of what residence hall? Write the name of residence hall below. 

Campion Hall Located on the Quad, Campion was built in 1964 and stands four stories tall. The building was named in honor of Saint Edmund Campion, S.J., who was martyred for preaching the Catholic faith in Reformation England. Campion Hall is also home of the Healthy Living Living and Learning Community.

#8 You want to complete this Scavenger Hunt? You better run! Find a building where you can run without moving.

The RecPlex The Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Recreation Complex, known around campus as the RecPlex, is an 85,360-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. The facility offers sports and exercise programs and top of the line equipment that promotes physical health, emotional well-being, and care of the mind, body and spirit. See their website for updates.

In keeping with Jesuit ideals and the Ignatian value of cura personalis, (care of the whole person), the RecPlex offers free memberships to Fairfield University students, and paid membership options to faculty, staff, alumni and their families.

See their website for updates.

#9 Find the building whose name means “an embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river” and makes an appearance in the 1970s song “American Pie”

The Levee Enjoy pizzas, salads, and more at this campus dining spot and sports bar. Special events are held here too. Takeout and delivery also available. The University will be posting their menu and hours soon.

#10 This sustainable building has a green roof.

Jesuit Community Center The American Institute of Architect's included this building as among its 2012 Ten Best Houses ."Aware of their special role as teachers and spiritual guides, the Jesuits sought a building that would not only provide for their own immediate needs, but might serve as an exemplar of ecological architecture. The apostolic center houses resident Jesuit priests and their guests, administrative offices, a chapel, community dining room, great room, and library. Throughout the project, design decisions aimed to optimize the building's environmental performance. Ultimately, both traditional site and building design "best practices" and innovative environmental technologies serve to reduce both short and long term impact on the environment, helping the Jesuits to achieve their goal of acting as "good stewards of the Earth." More information about the design of this building can be found here.

#11 This building houses a permanent collection of European and American paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, Asian, African and Pre-Columbian objects, and plaster casts representing works of art from the Classical world through the Italian Renaissance.

Bellarmine Hall Built in 1927, it houses the Fairfield Univeristy Art Museum as well as other campus offices and departments. The Museum is open to students, staff, and faculty Fall 2020 and will be offering special events and exhibitions.

#12 When women students were first admitted in 1970, many lived in this building in rooms rented by Fairfield University from the Notre Dame Sisters de Namur.  The sisters had named their convent Julie Hall, after their founder St. Julie Billiart. The university bought the building in 1989 and some students have since claimed the building is haunted by a ghost named “Julie.”

Dolan Hall

#13 Although the semester has yet to begin, someday you will be alumni! The Alumni Relations Office is located in Alumni House on this campus road named after 1974 graduate and our first female valedictorian. What is the name of the road?

Stonkas Road

#14 You may talk to someone in this building if you have a question about your tuition bill as it houses the Bursar’s Office. This building was originally the home of Standard Oil tycoon Oliver Jennings.  The Jesuits purchased the home and property in 1941 for their new prep school and future university.

McAuliffe Hall

There was also an extra credit task to find a campus turkey and snap a photo too. If you didn't see a turkey chances are high that you will spot one soon on campus. And if you didn't get to play the Scavenger Hunt chances are high this may become an annual tradition.