TEDTalks on Films-on-Demand

Fei-Fei Li during her TED Talk on teaching computer science in March of 2015.

Short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, the TED is a series of global conferences with the aim "to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation”.  Covering a wide range of topics and translated into over 100 languages, TEDTalks are a powerful mode of convey new, unique, and emerging ideas in technology, arts, economics, politics, sociology, religion, environmentalism, history, and many other broad topical fields. Speakers have ranged from spoken-word poet Sarah Kay to CEO Jeff Bezos to journalist Arianna Huffington. (Click here to search through the long list of speakers that TEDTalks have featured.) Overall, TED provides a forum for knowledgeable speakers to introduce innovative and distinctive perspectives to the global community.

TEDTalks are very popular on college campuses. Many university professors show them as a way to supplement or expand upon the information being learned in class. Further, students can use TEDTalks in an academic context as a means of providing deeper insight and understanding on a topic learned in class or for research material on a project or paper. However, TEDTalks can also be a unique way to share ideas and beliefs with friends, family, and peer groups—thus great conversation about ideas relevant to the international population.

Bryan Stevenson during his TED Talk on injustice in March 2012

Over 2,200 TEDTalks have been recorded, and almost half (1,063 videos), are feature on Films-On-Demand, a video streaming database offered through the library database systems. Be sure to check them out, or watch other any other Library streaming videos that interest you!