Top 10 Check Outs

These were the top physical items borrowed during the Fall 2022 semester. They are listed in descending order. Most of them are part of Course Reserves and the Student Donated Textbook Collection and therefore were able to be checked out for in-building use.

  1. Building Stories by Chris Ware
  2. The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
  3. Writing about Writing by Douglas P. Downs and Elizabeth Wardle
  4. The Western Heritage edited by Donald Kagan, Steven Ozment, Frank M. Turner and Alison Frank.
  5. Art of the Ancient World : painting, pottery, sculpture, architecture from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete, Greece and Rome by Henriette Antonia Groenewegen-Frankfort and Bernard Ashmole
  6. Between the Beats: A Mixtape of Critical Issues in Popular Music by Brian Torff
  7. Civilization and its Discontents by Sigmund Freud, edited by James Strachey
  8. Literature of the American West: A Cultural Approach edited by Greg Lyons
  9. Searching for Ancient Egypt : Art, Architecture, and Artifacts from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology edited by David P. Silverman
  10. The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader: Histories and Debates by David Brackett

Students: Do you have books to donate to our textbook collection? Please consider "Paying it Forward" by donating your textbooks/required class books to the Student Donated Textbook Collection so other students can benefit from them in the future. They will be available for in-library use to ensure maximum access. Drop your donations to the Library Services & Information Desk and fill out the green form so we know which classes they were used for.

Faculty: Want to know more about Course Reserves? Fill out the form to set materials aside for your classes. You can request to put Library materials on reserve OR bring in your own personal materials that students need to access for your course(s).