What matters to you in the 2020 Election?

Ahead of Election Day, we posed some questions to our followers on Instagram to gauge how invested that are in the 2020 Election and what issues matter to them most. Here's what we found out:

Have you registered to vote?
Yes: 98%
No: 2%

Are you planning on voting in this year's election?
Yes: 91%
No: 9%

How are you planning to vote?
By Mail/Absentee: 56%
In Person: 44%

Do you have a positive view of corporate news media?
Yes: 22%
No: 78%

Do you feel represented by the political parties/your affiliated political party?
Yes: 53%
No: 47%

Where do you get your news/commentary related to the issues that factor into your vote?
Answers included: CNN, WSJ, NPR, NY Times, BBC, Fox News, and the local news.

What issues matter to you the most in this election?
Answers included (in no particular order): The environment/climate, public health/managing COVID, election fraud, immigration, the economy, gun rights/control, abortion, and equality.

The Library has a number of resources to help you stay informed, however you prefer to do so.

Be sure to also check out all the great resources on the Stags Vote page.

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