New Academic Integrity Tutorials

Librarians have created new academic integrity tutorials. These tutorials:

1) emphasize the importance of academic integrity as critical to membership in our Jesuit community,
2) foster mindsets that fully participate in scholarly conversation by engaging sources effectively and ethically, and
3) support the development of skills needed to avoid plagiarism.

The Library currently has four versions of the academic integrity tutorial:

  1. Academic Integrity Tutorial for FYE Students - embedded in Blackboard for all FYE students.
  2. Academic Integrity Tutorial for Undergraduates – includes a post tutorial quiz with results sent to professor
  3. Academic Integrity Tutorial for ESL Students - embedded in Blackboard for all ESL Engineering students
  4. Academic Integrity Tutorial for Graduate Students – includes a post tutorial quiz with results sent to professor.

In support of the University’s academic integrity learning outcomes for all students, librarians Matt Bernstein, Barbara Ghilardi, Robert Hoyt, Jackie Kremer, and Witt Meesangnil have created an open source, flexible and innovative academic integrity online tutorial.

This project represents a total redesign of the previous plagiarism avoidance tutorial, given in the past to students in the FYE program and ESL Engineering classes. These new academic integrity tutorials go beyond avoiding plagiarism, focusing more on academic honesty and integrity as fundamental to, and an inherent part of, a Jesuit education, in which teaching and learning are based on mutual respect.

Faculty - these tutorials are available for you to assign to your classes.  Please email Jackie Kremer at if you would like to discuss.