Water Films – Rain and The River (January 29)

The River (1938)
"Regen" (German title for Rain, 1929)

The Water focus film series will begin on January 29th in the DiMenna-Nyselius Library Multimedia room at 7pm with the showcases of Rain (1929), directed by Yoris Evans and The River (1938) directed by Pare Lorentz. Rain is a ten-minute documentary that explores the differences between realism and fantasy. There are significant historical meanings throughout the short documentary. In 1938, the 31-minute-long documentary The River was released. This short film focuses upon the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico and their effects on the agricultural practices of farmers. Unfortunately, topsoil flowed through the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. This resulted from mediocre farming practices pertaining to timber and it was followed by various floods and it weakened the lifestyles of many farmers.

Discussant: Professor Mark Scalese, S.J.